Hi there! I'm your host, Catalina. And I'm happy to welcome you to my Ibiza holiday rental - Villa Es Serral.

Here at Villa Es Serral our main goal is for you to experience Ibiza in an authentic and special way.

Our countryside retreat has been in my family since it was built over 200 years ago.  It has been a pleasure to renovate and renew our house, making it modern while still keeping its traditional charm.

Along with its traditional charm many exterior features have remained unchanged.  Like fruit trees, ranging from plums to pomegranates, just outside the front door.  And the comfy chill-out zone that was once the mill (as outlined by the small stone wall) that my grandparents used!

I've found that Villa Es Serral is a great place to sit back and unwind.  But it's also nice to have the beach just a few kilometers away!

I love that this countryside oasis has everything you need to truly get the most out of your Ibiza holiday.

It is a joy to share a place that means so much to me with you!